Private Cloud Storage

Minio is a high performance distributed object storage server, designed for
large-scale private cloud infrastructure. Minio is widely deployed across the
world with over docker pulls.

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Build multi-cloud applications with
Cloud Foundry and Minio

Upload Release
bosh upload-release
Deploy Minio
bosh deploy -d minio-manifest.yml
  • Object storage for applications

    Store application data like images, documents, snapshots, and logs as objects through Amazon S3 API.

  • Object storage for artifacts

    Store CI/CD artifacts as objects through Concourse resources and JFrog Artifactory.

  • Make applications multi-cloud ready

    Minio enables Cloud-Foundry to use any storage infrastructure via a unified Amazon S3 interface. Minio abstracts local drives (SSD/SAS/SATA), NAS (EMC Isilon, VNX), Virtual storage (vSAN, Google Persistent Disk), and Cloud storage (Google Cloud Storage, Azure blob storage).

  • Operational efficiency and developer productivity

    Minio deploys as a BOSH package or a Pivotal Tile in minutes. Application developers can self-service their own cloud storage through the Cloud Foundry CLI.

minio for app data

Minio object storage for application data

To handle application data storage, use Minio as a service on a Cloud Foundry deployment. Use Minio On-Demand-Broker to provision and run multi-tenant Minio deployments.

minio for artifacts

Minio object storage for artifacts

Minio fits perfectly in BOSH environment as the blobstore for artifacts. Use Minio to store release sources, compiled images, and other artifacts.

For BOSH installations use the endpoint (IP:port) and credentials configured in minio-manifest.yaml to access object storage. For Pivotal Tile deployments, please follow Application Binding.